Boxwood.Group is the focus, influencer and management division of Boxwood Press. We’ve been promoting leading brands through media outreach for nearly two decades. We’re industry veterans and know the beauty industry well.

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We’re working to establish a platform that brings beauty and wellness brands together with real influencers.

Boxwood Press was one of the first marketing agencies to champion independent and green beauty brands. We are obsessed with spreading the joy of self care. Working directly with influencers and consumers gives us the opportunity to again champion the engine of change within our industry.


Embracing brands of all sizes.
Engaging Influencers on every level.

Indies and startups are the fabric of our collective soul, and the engine of our economy. They set the tone for innovation and change. Established brands fuel the industry by getting products in consumers hands on a global scale.


Connecting through shared experience.

Trying out new brands and creating new collaborations fuels the beauty and wellness business as a whole.